July 27, 2004 GPL Compliance for Software Developers Outline
A mechanical hound, which is
definately not the unofficial mascott of the GPL Compliance Lab.

GPL Compliance for Software Developers
I. Motivation
A. Why Compliance
II. Copyright Law
A. Structure of (US) Copyright law
B. Works
C. What copyright law restricts
D. What's not in copyright law
E. Derivative works
F. Fair use
G. Licensing
H. Review
III. Introduction to Free Software licensing
A. The GNU General Public License (GPL)
1. GPL violations are copyright violations
2. The GNU GPL: Derivative works
3. Independent and separate works
B. The GNU LGPL (Lesser or Library General Public License)
C. Non-copyleft licenses
D. GPL compatibility
1. A note on BSD licenses
E. Process of licensing
F. Free Software licenses are forever
G. Review
IV. Administrative issues of GPL compliance
A. Outline
B. What is source code?
1. Major components exception
2. Makefiles
3. Machine-generated code
4. Non-code source code
C. Offers for source code
1. How to write an offer for source code
2. How to fulfill offers for source code
D. How to deal with copyright notices
1. ... and license notices
2. Change notices
3. Section 2c notices
a. Section 2c and web applications
4. Putting it all together
a. Old files
b. New files
c. 2c notices
E. Review
V. Derivative works
A. Linking libraries
1. Linking against static libraries
2. Dynamic linking
3. Technical differences
4. Legal notes
5. On dynamic linking
6. Harry Potter
B. Code and data
1. More on maps: Example
C. How to combine programs legally
D. Review
VI. GPL: Exceptions, caveats, frills, ripples
A. Patents
1. Patents: Case 1
2. Patents: Case 2
B. The Linux Kernel
C. The Linux Kernel (cont'd)
D. Standard exceptions
1. Standard exceptions: Classpath
2. Standard exceptions: Controlled interface
E. Geographic restrictions
F. Later versions
G. Review
A. Four types of works
B. Works based on the Library (that are libraries)
1. Example library based on libtriangle
2. LGPL and non LGPL code in one library
C. Works based on the Library (that are executables)
1. Example executable based on the Library
D. Works that use the Library
1. Example of work using GLIBC
E. Works that use the Library, linked with the Library: Licensing and Marketing
1. Works that use the Library, linked with the Library: Technical
F. Review

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