July 27, 2004 GPL Compliance for Software Developers Outline
A mechanical hound, which is
definately not the unofficial mascott of the GPL Compliance Lab.

I. Motivation and History
A. Why compliance matters
B. Early GPL compliance work: 1991-2001
C. Now
D. Why everyone complies
E. GPL section 5
F. GPL section 4
G. GPL section 4 - meaning
H. Practical concerns
I. Review:
II. Misconceptions about the GPL
A. Source code (myth)
B. Source code (fact)
C. Makefiles (myth)
D. Makefiles (fact)
E. Linking (myth)
F. Linking (fact)
G. Major components (myth)
H. Major components (fact)
I. Size and amount (myth)
J. Size and amount (fact)
K. Linking to linking to linking (myth)
L. Linking to linking to linking (fact)
III. GPL compliance today
A. Before you need to enforce the GPL
1. Use copyright notices better
2. Register Your Copyright
3. Know The GPL
B. Enforcement action
1. Don't go to court
2. Understand the violation
3. Choose goals wisely
4. FSF goals
5. Retain Lawyers
6. Talk to FSF
7. Avoid publicity
8. Help violators save face
9. Asking for money
10. Please report violations
IV. What corporations need to know
A. Harald Welte
B. Unresolvable problems
1. GPL section 7
2. Crypto
3. Wireless code
4. Wireless code: solutions
5. Government funding
6. Patents
7. Review
C. Avoiding problems
1. A note on style
2. Learn the rules
3. Get exceptions you need
4. Acquisitions
5. Upstream problems
6. Help your downstream
7. Compliance officers

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