2D Stuff

I'm not sure this should go here, since I didn't draw it, but it's graphical. Novi's Naked Elf Revue is a 24-hour comic that I wrote and Heather Jones illustrated.

I occasionally The GIMP to create abstract 2d images. Below is Spike, which does include a modified 3d object. Spike

These are other images that I've made or manipulated. The technique on the abstract pictures is to take an ordered but uninteresting greyscale image, like a black circle with white stripes, and filter it until it becomes interesting. By adding many layers of this, and using only the best sections of each, a quite interesting effect can be created.

Poppies Netherworld Eliot Circle The World Artemis in charcoal 2 Headed Loki Ethereal Basilica Anime-styled line drawing of a face


Pictures of Lesser Nick, with a dead animal:

Lesser with animal 1 Lesser with animal 2 Lesser with animal 3 Lesser with animal 4

Pictures of Eliot Circle at Reed College from early April:

Eliot Circle in the spring 1 Eliot Circle in the spring 2 Eliot Circle in the spring 3 Eliot Circle in the spring 4 Eliot Circle in the spring 5 Eliot Circle in the spring 6


I've also created a bunch of seamless tiles for use as desktop backgrounds. .