On July 2, 2004, Heather Jones and I decided to make a 24-hour comic for a contest at Pearl Art Supplies. I think she was just humoring me because it was my birthday the next day. Even though we set out to make a 24-hour comic, we ended up taking only about 20 hours. I wrote, and she drew. Then I inked a few of the straight lines, and she inked the rest. I erased the pencil, and then we slept most of Saturday away. We hope Pearl gives us lots of cool prizes, but we're happy with this either way.

Note: There is a character in this comic called Novi. He bears no resemblance to the real me at all. The real me is a foot shorter and only tortures kittens.

Note 2: There is nudity. Duh.

Read Novi's Naked Elf Revue