RSS Mix Tape

RSS Mix Tape reads items from RSS feeds that you specify, and displays them in a list. You go through the list, picking your favorite posts and putting them into categories. You can also write comments on posts. Then you click the "Generate RSS" button, and RSS Mix Feed spits out an RSS feed for each category. Your friends can use their favorite RSS reader to view your feeds (livejournal is an RSS reader, if you're a paid user). In short, RSS In, RSS Out.

You can download the latest released version of RSS Mix Tape. Or get the CVS version from Savannah. It requires Python, PyQT, PyKDE, and Python's xmlbase. Here are some screenshots:

The main window of RSS Mix Tape
shows a list of posts, displaying the current post in a web

The feed editor shows a list of
feeds, andallows the creation of new feeds

Copyright 2003, David "Novalis" Turner <>

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David "Novalis" Turner