I'm big on Free Software and general information freedom. So, everything on this site should licensed as liberally as is reasonable (even if I forget to mention it sometimes). When I've screwed up (or your want another license), please let me know.

Unless otherwise noted, all works on this web site are copyright David Turner.

Creative Commons License All of the writing is licensed under the CC-by-sa Creative Commons License. The URI specified for giving credit is http://novalis.org/copyright.html

All of the photographs and other graphics are too.

All of the software is under the GNU General Public License, version 2, or, at your option, any later version.

Recipes are barely copyrightable.

The cases are in the public domain (17 USC 105).

The screen captures are copyright Other People. They're probably fair use.

User pages are copyright Users. I guess they're All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted.

The photos in /images/photo/china/nn are copyright 2004, Nick Nussbaum. All Rights Reserved.

The photos in /images/photo/china/dbg are copyright 2004, David Garlock. They're also under the CC-by-sa license.

The courses are under FSF's standard verbatim copying license, and FSF holds their copyright.

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