Computer Stuff

This is the page of computer stuff. For the curious, I'm running Debian GNU / Linux . GNU/Linux is a socially responsible, Free Software operating system. It very rarely crashes, unlike another operating system that many people use.

Free Software

All of this software is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or, at your option, any later version.

Context-Free Grammars

I built a name generator using context-free grammars (well, modified context-free grammars). You can play with it online, or get the Perl source code for that version or try a TCL version (less featureful). If you make any good grammars (Tolkien elves? Pharmaceutical brand names?), let me know and I'll immortalize them in some way.

Web design

My brother and I built a web site for my dad's granny-quality furniture making business. He's no longer using our custom micro-CMS, but he's still making furniture.


I wrote a tutorial for Intel assembly language programmers who want to learn the MMX instruction set.

Display hacks

On the left is my Afterstep Wharf. Well, my old one. My machine is kinda wimpy, so I turned it off. Plus, I prefer to save the screen space. The icons are, from top to bottom: asclock, wmfirew, wmWeather, wmflame, wmglobe, wmjulia , penguin [starts eterm], netscape, [apps folder] and [shutdown folder]. I wrote wmfirew, wmflame and wmjulia. They look much better when they're running. Download wmfirew, wmflame and wmjulia and see for yourself!